Q: What does Bin Manager do for me?

A: From Locating staff in real-time, instantly dispatch urgent jobs, and communicate with staff and clients without disruptive phone calls.
With your dashboard easily create bookings to invoice with your jobs staying on track with ease.
Inspire confidence in your clients with professional invoices and emails.
Job contacts, photos, notes, signatures, invoices, emails and texts. All saved in the customers job cards, forever……
Bin Manager integrates with leading accounting packages, has a vast range of add-ons and updating features all the time.

Q: Can I use for other bin types?

A: Yes we can customise the system to handle all bin types, hook, marrel, wheelie, roll on/ roll off, even temp fence hire. For more information on how we can customise to suit your business, contact us today!

Q: Can Bin Manager show where all my bins are?

A: Yes it can with our “onsite bin list” which can also be viewed as a map. Hover over any pin and it will show you the customer name, bin size and how many days on site. The list offers even more details.

Q: Can I invoice out of Bin Manager?

A: Yes, once a customers information is placed at booking, it is as easy as a right hand click of the mouse to create an invoice for that job. Then simply chose to email or print that invoice.
Create Weekly, Monthly batches and send them or print them in one swoop.

Q: How long does it take to set up?

A: Set up of Bin Manager is only a 2 minute installation. Customising the programme does take a bit more time as it is configured to suit how you currently run your business. We customise Bin Manager to fit in with your systems.

Q: What happens to all my data, can I lose it?

A: Your data is stored on your own PC and is simply backed up by you with a USB device. No one can access your data unless you allow it.

Q: Is there any ongoing fees?

A: One fee which is an annual license fee, this enables your ongoing support with our trained staff, updates and any questions on how to you have throughout the year.

Q: What sort of devices can my drivers use?

A: Currently Bin Manager is integrated with Apple devices outside of office contact. Soon Cloud Based access will be enabled.

Q: Am I locked in to ongoing contracts?

A: No contracts at all EVER! We don’t believe in keeping someone handcuffed if there not happy. Our focus is to keep you happy so you want to STAY!

Q: Do I need the internet to use it?

A: From the dashboard aspect, you do not require the internet, so you’re not relying on external services to keep you operational. However if you use devices with the drivers, these require the internet to enable live feeds of information transferring back and forth. If the internet is down you can always print a run sheet from the dashboard or one simple click to text message details straight to drivers phone. Likewise the Cloud version does require internet for access.

Q: How do I get it installed?

A: Call us today for a free trial version, use it fully for a few weeks and see how it suits you and your business. If it is a good fit then we can fully integrate Bin Manager to your business.

Q: How do I get on going training?

A: Call, email or from the website.
We can provide live demonstrations, video walk thru’s, or video calls to watch and demonstrate live examples.

Q: Is my accounting software compatible with Bin Manager?

A: There is many software pacakges compatible, most commonly known are MYOB, Quick Books and Xero.

Q: Can I customise it suit my business?

A: Many features have customised fields with many more to be included for your personal use.
Bin sizes, bin types, account codes, prices, fees to name a few. We also integrate your company logo, bank details etc for invoicing.

Q: Can I set multiple payment methods?

A: There amount of payment options are up to you, as many as you have you can customise and select at order entry.

Q: Can I get a cloud version?

A: This is available now, we are currently implementing a web interface cloud computing system to be launched soon.

Q: Will it show my drivers?

A: You can add in as many drivers as you require including all the specifics you need.
Along with this feature you can attach a driver to a specific truck, take care of some diagnostics such as start/finish times. Kms travelled, start and finish. Fuel, tolls, maintenance and even reconcile cash and cheques collected against their jobs.

Q: Once I am set up what do I need to know?

A: Happy Bin Managing, now it is just using the system and watch your business flourish. With the extra time you have on your hands enables you to concentrate on other things that need your attention. Knowing there is a system in place takes a lot of stress and time consuming rituals away, giving you more freedom.

Q: What to do if I have any problems?

A: Call us immediately and we will sort this out. A big part of what we do and pride ourselves is after sales service. We are there to hold your hand as long as you need as often as you need until your confident.

Q: What do I do if I forget how to.....

A: Sometimes a reminder email or a video reminder is a quick resource to get you back on track. If that does not work we are only a phone call away.