Bin Manager was created almost 12 years ago. At the time there was a troubled neighbour who along with her husband was struggling with the day to day management of their skip bin business. She was at first on paper and then tried to establish a system in an Excel sheet.

She found the swapping between pages and trying to sort thru lists of name and address’ overwhelming and tedious. Knowing her neighbour was a programmer with computers she asked him if he would be able to create her a small programme to assist in her dilemma. 10 years on the programme is not so small and infact has more functions than you can poke a stick at, which is all due to customer feedback over the years.

As you know, there is many variables to keep track of in a skip bin business, so along the way as the technology has changed, so have we. You would be hard pressed to find a better solution that is not only easy to use but flexible enough for you to use as much or as least as you want. Not long after BinWatch was created we very quickly discovered there was lot of Skip Bin companies out there struggling the same way. This product went to market soon after and is the most widely used in the Skip Bin industry to date.

Moving forward we have continued to update and increase features that has widely increased the functionality. Think back 10 years ago when we were using PDA as mobile devices and today iPads.

Bin Manager has managed to keep up with it all in the strongest growth period of technology.

Today as well as advancing the system customer service is paramount and I consider it the most important aspect of what we do. Apart from having a programme that just works, wanting to speak to some one when you have a problem and just need it sorted right away is something we never lose focus of.

Contact us today and we will always call you back.